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Endodontia belongs to the most difficult, demanding especially high skill in dentistry disciplines. Correct treatment of pulp canal is a very complicated and responsible task. Tooth integrity and success of further restoration works depends on its quality (fillings, inserts, dental crowns, bridges, dentures).

There is a soft tissue – pulp or “nerve” in pulp canals, inflammation of which becomes the reason of acute tooth pain. The science has proven that the main cause of pulp inflammation is infection, i. е. bacteria, proliferating in caries cavities under bad (that is unsealed) fillings and reach the nerve. Acute pain appears because a large number of bacteria and harmful substances (toxins) is accumulated in the tooth cavity. Fast progressing is characteristic of nerve inflammation, when infection is spread on periodontium. At periodontitis, the person suffers from constant испытывает постоянные dull pain, and acute pain at biting. Long-term inflammation leads to resolution of juxtahilar bone and as a result granuloma or cyst is formed. As a chronic centre of infection, such processes constantly "torture" with bacteria the whole body and can lead to diseases of heart, vessels, liver, kidneys etc.

Endodontic treatment (root canals’ filling) of teeth is made most often at pulp inflammation (blood vessels, nerves and soft tissue inside the tooth) as a result of its infecting from the deep caries cavity (pulpitis). Also, endodontic treatment is necessary in the following cases:

  • Destruction and necrosis of pulp (gangrene).
  • Appearance of inflammation centre in tissues surrounding the tooth root (parodontitis).
  • Acute tooth trauma (dislocation or subluxcation).
  • Destruction of bone around the tooth roots with their loosening (parodontitis of severe level).
  • at some other situations, for example: denture treatment, splinting etc.

Repeated endodontic treatment is made in case of inadequate (unsuccessful) primary treatment, incomplete canals filling, appearance of pain or radiologic changes in a long time after treatment.

The aim of endodontic treatment is removal of infection from the root canals system and prevention of repeated infection of root canals and tissues of periodont.

In our clinic, treatment of root canals is made by specialists who have passed advanced training in sphere of endodontia (doctors-dentists-endodontists), mastering the latest technologies in this sphere. Modern treatment of root canals differs greatly from treatment in the past.

Today it is a complicated process including:

  • tooth isolation by means of special thin rubber curtain (rubber dam), which absolutely excludes penetration of saliva into the tooth cavity and irritating action of medical drugs in mucous tunic of mouth during canals treatment;
  • cleaning of root canals with manual and machine instruments, which can treat even the thinnest and curved canal;
  • washing of canals with special antiseptic substances, penetrating into the whole root canals system;
  • if necessary — temporary filling of root canals with special mixtures with the aim to enforce anti-inflammable action;
  • tight, hermetic filling with permanent material, which excludes repeated infections.

Treatment methods used by us and doctors’ professionalism allow saving even very destroyed or infected teeth, prevent complications, leading to the tooth loss, serious diseases of soft and bone tissues.