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Today, dental hygiene is an in essential part of modern person culture of modern. In the case when the rules of dental hygiene are respected, it is possible to provide their health on 85-90%. White-toothed smile means that the person is in a good health and looks after his appearance. Dental and mouth cavity hygiene allows as long as possible to keep teeth safe and healthy, to avoid unpleasant procedures in the dental office, and to be confident in yourself and your own irresistibility.

No doubt, regular dental care at home with a properly chosen toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss is an essential component of mouth cavity. However, only dental hygienist can remove dental deposit completely. Professional dental hygiene allows escaping not only dental plaque, but also dental calculus, to clean gingival pockets, interdental spaces, to eliminate foul breath and pathogens.

Even if at first sight it seems that everything is OK with your hygiene in our experience we can say that it’s impossible to make an ideal personal hygiene in the mouth cavity. So before going to the dentist, firstly you should visit the doctor hygienist. It’s necessary to do this at least twice a year.

Conducting professional hygiene is a necessary condition for planned examination of the patient's mouth cavity, as the quality of diagnosis of dental caries increases significantly if the surface of the tooth is cleaned and dried.

In addition, healthy, carefully sanitized mouth cavity is an essential condition of quality performing of complicated treatment methods:

  • aesthetic fillings;
  • microprosthetics;
  • teeth whitening;
  • surgical periodontal treatment;
  • implantation;
  • orthopedic treatment;

At first, we examine the entire mouth cavity and tell in details about the proper care of teeth. We will help you to choose personal hygiene products, based on your individual characteristics (tooth brushes, tooth pastes and brushes for tongue, mouthwashes, dental flosses, as well as additional means: end-tufted toothbrushes, interdental brushes, superflosses, irrigators, etc.) and will teach proper brushing technique.

After examination will tell you about necessary procedures, make X-ray examination, and determine the frequency of visits to the hygienist (eg with braces, periodontitis it’s necessary to visit once a 3 months).

Now let’s proceed to the procedure of professional hygiene.

We remove soft and pigmented dental deposit with the help of special brushes and pastes. To remove a persistent pigmented deposit of "a smoker" we use «AIR-FLOW» device.

AIR-FLOW - is an air-abrasive technology. There current of abrasive mixture (typically sodium bicarbonate with flavour), water and air – flies out under the pressure through a small hole on the tip end and removes deposit.

In the course of performing professional hygiene we can offer using of «VECTOR» device (by German company «DUERR DENTAL»). It is a modern method of dealing with periodontitis. The procedure itself is painless and the most effective technology for the treatment of periodontitis. The system allows removing subgingival dental deposits effectively (even in areas of difficult access), destroying pathogens and their toxins, rinsing thoroughly periodontal pockets and polish the teeth roots.

At the end of the procedure we treat your teeth with fluorine-containing and remineralizing gel, that is pleasant to the taste.

If it’s necessary, we can make deep fluoridation. After that there is a pleasant feeling of cleanliness and comfort!

Professional hygiene is absolutely necessary for future mothers, we will clean the mouth cavity and also tell you how to take care for your baby's first teeth properly.